The Harder The Better

Here’s a doozy to start off the new year:

A man who has a history of smashing windows to indulge his fetish for female mannequins could draw a long prison term for his latest arrest. Ronald A. Dotson, 39, of Detroit faces up to life in prison if convicted of a charge of attempted breaking and entering at a cleaning-supply company in the Detroit suburb of Ferndale. (Full story)

nipple sale

I don’t know what’s more disturbing: the fact that this guy has the hots for mannequins or the fact that his repeat offenses could land him in prison for life while guys who rape actual women and children only get a few years.

I think I understand his arousal having recently seen this mannequin in a store. I love that the maker apparently thought the best way to make it look realistic was to give it hard nipples rather than something like, oh… a head.

6 thoughts on “The Harder The Better

  1. I do not know who makes the laws…
    But am so curious to see the house of the Maniac Mannequin Monster Man…Casn you just imagine the carnage the cops came upon…
    And how long has he been collecting them?
    And how did he get them in the house?
    His house probably looks like a highly dressed up cocktail party….

  2. Some would argue that this is the perfect specimen of a woman: all body and no talking back. And before you skewer me, I love all parts of a woman, especially the chin. Without a woman’s chin where would I rest my testicles?

    OK- now give it to me.

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