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Today’s Blogs To Check Out:

Remembering The Wrong Terry Schiavo

Friday marks the one-year anniversary of Terri Shiavo’s death. I was totally fascinated by the case last year, keeping 24-hour death watch on FOX news. Yeah, I confess- when I watch the news (which I rarely do because it’s more disgraceful than my crappy reality shows), I watch FOX. FOX “news” is hysterical, partly because the anchors have a sense of humor but mostly because they’re completely unabashed in their bias. FOX is not for the easily influenced but since I don’t fall under that description, I think it’s safe for me to watch.

The whole ordeal prompted me to put my own dying wishes in writing and give them to my sister but I think a public blog is an even better place to make those wishes known, just in case my sister gets sucked in by some religious cult and conveniently “loses” what I wrote. It’s pretty simple: If there ever comes a time when I’m asked whether I want to live or die and I can’t give a decipherable answer, put me down. I don’t care how many balloons my eyes seem to follow or if someone thinks the fact that I winked when George Clooney appeared on tv is a sign, if I can’t say or write “I wanna live!”, pull the plug, hold a pillow over my face, stick a little sumpin’ sumpin’ in my IV – just let me go. I’m not one of those people who thinks life itself is precious, it’s the quality of life that makes it precious. Fortunately, nobody in my family is interested in being my caretaker so I don’t have to worry about anybody putting up a fight. My dad even offered to buy a gun and shoot me (a little too wistfully, I might add).

Terri SchiavoSo back to Terri. With the anniversary of Terri’s death approaching I’ve come across this photo tribute to her many times, which is featured on her family’s website in her honor, Terri’s Fight. I understand that people want to remember someone at their best. But in a situation like this, where her family fought so hard to convince the courts and the world that she was a viable human being in her PVS state, I’m curious why they didn’t choose a photo of her in that condition. It wasn’t the young, vibrant, gorgeous girl who pulled at America’s heart strings. It was the woman lying helplessly in her bed as both sides tugged at her that did. I’m sure most people agree with the family that starving and dehydrating her was an inhumane way to end her life, regardless of whether or not she felt pain. So THAT’s the photo they need to show: The one of the shriveled up woman on day 14 without food or water. The Terri Schinder Schiavo Foundation won’t be able to change people’s dying wishes but a powerful photo like that could encourage changes as to how those wishes are carried out.

Hatcher and Seacrest Swapping Spit

Teri Hatcher Kissing Ryan SeacrestI found this image almost as startling as the Britney Spears statue so I thought I’d pass it on. This is Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher kissing American Idol cheeseball, Ryan Seacrest. I don’t know which excuse is better for her: The fact that she’s a 40ish woman and he’s 10 years her junior or the fact that she was molested as a child. Either way, some serious pyschological issues seem to be impeding her better judgment.

I’m not going to go the hacky route and say he’s gay because the truth is, I don’t even think he’s human. The guy hosts a radio show five days a week and the number one tv show two nights a week. He also hosts a couple more programs I only know about because his billboards are on more corners in this town than Starbucks. Even if he had the talent to justify that many shows, no mortal being could maintain that kind of pace and keep up with the needs of a 40-year-old woman. Although, judging by the tight-lipped kiss, it appears the only person’s needs he’s fulfilling is his publicist’s.

I’ve already expressed my complete lack of understanding as to why I and 30 million other people watch American Idol each week. The only logical answer is that it’s some sort of massive mind control experiment and Ryan Seacrest was created as a way to make middle America comfortable with metrosexuals, which will eventually clear the way for homosexuals. The guy even speaks like a robot. I remember seeing him on an episode of Blind Date years ago and he talked in that phony radio voice even when he didn’t have a microphone in front of him. That’s just not normal.

I do have to say that as lame as I think Ryan Seacrest is, he’s still a better catch than Paula Abdul’s choice of younger men, Corey Clark. Each week you can see Paula kicking herself for not holding out for major stud, Ace. Last night when she told Ace, “You’ll have to tell me about that scar sometime,” Simon had to practically force her back onto her seat as her excitement caused her to slide off it. Or maybe it was the alcohol. She’s seemed pretty plastered on most of the shows this season.

Anyhooo…with Hatcher dating Seacrest, it begs the question, “Whatever happened to her and George Clooney?” Supposedly the two of them were an item just a few weeks ago. Apparently both sides are keeping mum about whether they had any sort of relationship. Hatcher even said, “If I went on a date with George Clooney I would not be talking about it.” That statement right there suggests that she too is a robot because any red-blooded woman would shout it from the mountain tops if she had a date with Clooney. Plus, witnesses to her date with Seacrest said she was laughing at his jokes. I think that pretty much confirms her cyborg status. Whatever those two are made of, all I ask is that they keep it inside from now on.

Sippy Cups Are Not For Chardonnay

I want to put in a plug for one of the funniest blogs I’ve come across, which happens to belong to my friend, Stefanie Wilder-Taylor. It’s called “Baby on Bored” and primarily deals with her experiences as a new mom. Normally, that topic would be far from my area of interest, but Stefanie writes from the perspective of someone who’s not the “mommy” type. She’s only a “cunt” or two away from uptight readers calling Child Protective Services on her.

Sippy Cups CoverIn addition to her great blog, she has a new book out called “Sippy Cups Are Not For Chardonnay…And Other Things I Had To Learn As A New Mom” (available at Amazon). She’ll be hawking the book on tomorrow morning’s Today Show. Since there’s not much chance I’ll catch her appearance at that insane hour, if anybody watches it, please tell me something she said so I can quote it back to her and tell her she was fabulous.

Anyway, check out her blog and buy her book. She’s a degenerate poker player and a comic so she needs all the sales she can get.

***Update*** Stefanie got bumped from tomorrow’s Today Show for some late breaking news guest so they’re pre-taping her segment for airing next week. The good news is her blog has not been bumped and is available for reading right now.

Funnier Than The Muhammad Cartoons Themselves

If I didn’t already have 10,000 t-shirts I never wear, I’d get this one because this is hysterical.

(Photos from:
Muhammad Cartoon ShirtPlease Don't Kill me

Available from T-Shirt Hell for $18. Actually, they have a bunch of great shirts. Some of the funnier ones (at least, the ones I’ll admit to thinking are especially funny):





1f u c4n r34d th1s u r34lly n33d t0 g37 l41d

(Having read that last one as quickly as I would have with letters, I think I need to sign off the computer for the day).

Progress Instead of Protest

A whopping 500,000 people turned out for yesterday’s immigration reform protest in Los Angeles, causing major gridlock at freeway offramps as drivers wondered where else they could buy fresh oranges (COME ON!*).

Imagine if those 500,000 instead spent just one day in Mexico trying to make a difference there. Some could teach classes in their areas of expertise while others built houses with Habitat for Humanity. They could all plug money into the Mexican economy and inform the pint-size entrepreneurs that it doesn’t matter how sad and pathetic they make themselves appear, Americans don’t want Chicklets. Time to update the merchandise.

For all the discussion of people wanting to come to America for a better life, many seem to forget that Mexico’s not some wasteland ruled by a cruel dictator. It’s a good country with great potential. If the US could succeed in sending even a few million illegal Mexicans home, their greatest revenge would be to turn their own country around to the extent that they have to expel illegal Americans.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

*Said in the style of GOB from Arrested Development

Border Line Ridiculous

I need some assistance. I’ve read a bunch of news stories on a particular topic and either the reporters left out important details, or I’m simply missing something. According to the stories, thousands of people in several cities are protesting a bill that:

…Calls for tough border security and enforcement measures and would make it a federal crime, instead of a civil offense, for undocumented workers to live in the country.

If I’m to understand this correctly, they’re protesting a bill that would make it illegal to be here illegally. Is that right? Am I close? If I am, I’m unclear about what they’re protesting. I’m certainly no expert on how or why some people get to reside here legally, but I did take the time to review the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website. While the steps required for legalization are by no means easy, they seem reasonably attainable for anybody who really wants to work and live here.

There’s a protest planned for today in downtown LA that I’m tempted to attend but they expect about a hundred thousand protestors. Not only do I hate big crowds, I strongly suspect it’s all a trap from INS and an enormous net’s going to fall from the skyscrapers gathering everybody up. Plus, with everybody protesting, I don’t know who would park my car (COME ON! You were all thinking it).

The fact is, there aren’t a lot of illegal aliens who pay income tax and they shouldn’t benefit from the services afforded by those who do. Perhaps the US needs to improve or speed up the legalization process but that’s a different issue. I certainly don’t think we should relax any standards requiring legal immigrants to be productive members of society. I know the Statue of Liberty says, “Give us your tired your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore…” but it’s about time for the US to stand up and say, “Hey, the French wrote that as some kinda joke. We didn’t expect you all to take it so literally.”

Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Britney Squeezing One Out

Britney Squeezes One OutSince my eyes have been permanently scarred by this image, I felt the evil need to force it upon others. In case it’s not clear, this is a statue of Britney Spears. Giving birth. On a bearskin rug. Doggy style.

The website for Capla Kesting Fine Art gallery in Brooklyn says:

Dedication of the life-sized statue celebrates the recent birth of Spears’ baby boy, Sean, and applauds her decision of placing family before career. “A superstar at Britney’s young age having a child is rare in today’s celebrity culture. This dedication honors Britney for the rarity of her choice and bravery of her decision,” said gallery co-director, Lincoln Capla.

Funny, nowhere does the tribute mention anything about the fact that Britney started dating the father while another woman was carrying his second child. She’s a real inspiration all right. The only bravery on Britney’s part is if she married him and had his baby without a prenuptial agreement.

Even though it’s called “Monument to Pro-Life” it looks more like “Monument to the Nasty in the Third Trimester.” The website features pictures of the statue from every angle except the back. I guess you have to pay the admission fee if you want to see that glorious vision. As icky as this is, we should be thankful the gallery didn’t opt for a different pro-life statue: Tom Cruise touching Katie Holmes’ fetus. On a bearskin rug. Doggy style.